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Our Team

Who Am I?

Mark is one of the “white hats” of the mortgage industry. If this current real estate market was a western movie, Mark would be the lone cowboy riding into town to save everyone from the perils of his mustache-twirling competitors who haven’t invested the time and effort Mark has to understand every available mortgage solution from the simplest 30-year fixed product to the most challenging mortgage scenarios.

Mark uses his 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry to ensure every deal is a sound investment for his clients. He also specializes in structuring real estate portfolios for investment and retirement needs and has earned numerous awards for his dedication to service and high productivity.

Responding to the immense volume of calls from distressed homeowners and Realtors trying to help save homes, he just achieved his Certified Distressed Property Expert Instructor designation to help save troubled homeowners and teach real estate agents how to help their clients.

His service to clients has gained national recognition. Mark was ranked 139th in the nation by Mortgage Originator Magazine for 2007 national production and has maintained a ranking as one of the top 200 mortgage bankers in the U.S. by the same publication for the last five years.

Proving his passion for his work, Mark wasn’t content to just earn his Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist certification, which he has held for three years. No, he went further, investing his time in achieving the CMPS advanced certification, putting him in the top 1% of loan officers. And the camera loves him. In addition to being a trusted source for both newspaper and television journalists, Mark is currently a featured lender on the Home Hunter Show, which airs Sunday mornings on the Phoenix ABC affiliate, Channel 15.

He is zealous in his pursuit of helping first time home buyers and properties in distress-two market segments that require a trusted professional. His professional affiliations are many and are highlighted by membership in the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association, the Financial Planners Association, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Mortgage Market Guide.

His is a member of and sponsor for many local boards of Realtors¨. He has so many designations that it looks like the entire alphabet follows his name. But when clients need an expert that’s how they know he’s their man. He not only trains real estate agents on how to help their clients, he is certified as a DE (Direct Endorser) for FHA. He has even designed special mortgage negotiation software to facilitate speedier short sale transactions. He earned the Reverse Mortgage Specialist designation. And he is a credit restoration specialist.

What more could you want in a mortgage professional? Wings? He’s probably working on that right now.

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